Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Service Oriented

The Roller Company was originally started in 1996 to serve the printing industry. By taking great pride in the rollers that were produced and the service that was performed, The Roller Company became a successful and well-known name to printing companies in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro areas.

Since that time, The Roller Company has expanded that same high quality product and outstanding service capability to many other industries and we have expanded our reach to not only the Twin Cities but to all of Minnesota, the Upper Mid-West and now all across the United States.

The Roller Company prides itself on its fast, efficient and outstanding customer service as well as its expert craftsmanship of high quality, precision machined rollers since 1996.

By making high quality products and outstanding service our top priority, The Roller Company has continued to grow, gain customers, and be successful in the roller manufacturing, re-covering and repair industry. As we have grown over the years our capabilities have also grown to include the possible development of a wide range of urethane products and specialized machining capabilities to support our customers across all industries.

Highest quality products and the best possible service are our 2 main goals. The phrases “Good Enough” or “I will get back to them later” are not used at The Roller Company. We have had continued success building our company by providing unmatched services, the highest quality products and competitive pricing to every customer we serve. Large or small, we serve you!

Helping solve our customers’ problems is exactly what we do! Customers in a bind can count on us to take their needs seriously. We have rush and emergency services available in all departments, precision rollers, urethane products, and machine shop services. We also have pickup and delivery services available in the Twin Cities area and the surrounding suburbs as well as a large portion of central and southern Minnesota.

You are our focus and we take pride in serving your needs.