Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Roller Design & Engineering

Whether you are a large industrial manufacturer, large-scale packaging plant or high-volume printing operation, chances are your machines utilize a wide variety of precision industrial rollers. The Roller Company can, and does, provide a wide variety of rollers to a range of industries for a variety of applications. And, when need be, we apply that knowledge and experience to our design and engineering services to help develop rollers that perfectly fit your needs.

From core design specifications to roller coverings to bearing requirements, we will work closely with you to ensure your specific needs are met to produce the best possible roller for your application.

Custom or Specialty precision machined industrial roller Design and Engineering, custom machining, specialty urethane products and prototyping services from The Roller Company.

Utilizing our in-house machine shop and urethane department, we can design custom and specialty rollers and cover or coat them with a variety of materials in a wide range of durometers and colors. We can also assist you with the development of specialty and custom parts to fit your needs as well!

Need something completely unique? At The Roller Company, we also offer Research & Development and Prototyping services! We can work with you to design, engineer and fabricate a totally unique and custom specialty roller or urethane product to fit your specific needs!