Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Roller Balancing

As rollers wear you may notice unidentified vibrations, unexplained noises or a decrease in product quality. The covering and bearings may even seem fine then it may be the balance of the roller itself. Besides a decrease in product quality, an improperly balanced roller may need to be replaced before it damages bearings and journals. It may even cause machinery breakdown if left unchecked.

As part of our remanufacturing processes, proper balancing of rollers helps to ensure longer term production rates and can enable higher operating speeds without causing unwanted vibrations that may lead to equipment failure and unexpected repairs.

Precision machined industrial roller maintenance and balancing services to improve performance and efficiency, Roller Grinding, Recovering, Remanufacturing services from The Roller Company in Savage, Minnesota.

While occasionally overlooked, roller balancing can be an important part of scheduled roller maintenance. Depending on the machinery speed and exacting tolerances required, whenever re-covering or repairing rollers, balancing of those rollers can be part of a comprehensive maintenance plan to extend the useful life of each roller, improve product quality and optimize production rates.

Our technicians can balance your rollers to the specifications required for your specific application. Ask your sales representative for more information.