Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Roller Re-Covering

At The Roller Company our roller re-covering service is a part of our overall roller remanufacturing services that we provide. Re-covering worn rollers is a cost effective way to maintain productivity.

However, on occasion, rollers may require more than just a new cover which is exactly why we offer a full range of remanufacturing services that include core repair (including journal repair), recovering, balancing, grinding and bearing replacement and complete press ready services.

Replacement and Recovering services for elastomeric and urethane covered rollers, including a wide range of new elastomer and urethane covering replacements for precision machined industrial rollers from The Roller Company.

If you are looking to save money by replacing the roller covering or repairing damaged roller cores, we can help. We have the expertise and experience to recover a variety of rollers in many industries. Different applications require different roller coverings to withstand wear and tear, resist adhesion of grease and chemicals, and avoid damage. We work closely with our customers to meet their requirements for their specific applications.

To meet your special requirements, we offer a range of roller coverings, visit our Materials page for a full list of our coatings and coverings. Also, visit our Size Capabilities page to make sure that our facility is compatible with your dimensional requirements.

If you have any questions contact one of our sales representatives for more information.