Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Grinding and Roller Surface Refurbishing

All of our elastomer covered rollers go through a 4 stage process before delivery to our customers. This process starts with a rough grind that removes excess material and makes the roller covering round and concentric with its core.

After inspection of the rough grind, all rollers undergo a finish grind to bring the product to the exact size required for the application

Next in the process is polish. This is done to get your desired type of surface finish.

At The Roller Company, we provide a wide range of printing and rubber roller recovering and resurfacing services, including rubber roller grinding to ensure a perfect finish that meets our exacting standards.

After the surface finish is achieved, every roller goes through a thorough inspection process. Looking for defects in the finish, checking the bond of the elastomer to its core and overall product inspection.

Does your roller already have an elastomeric coating that is not ready to be entirely replaced? At The Roller Company, we can also refurbish your roller’s elastomer surface. Any roller requiring a re-grind goes through the same 4 stage process ensuring a quality product being delivered.

Contact your sales rep today to see how we can help with your roller grinding and refurbishing needs.