Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Production & Lead Times

At The Roller Company, we take pride in our efforts to produce high quality, precision machined rollers with fast turn-around times. We focus on providing fast and efficient lead times to ensure that your equipment and machinery is out of commission for the shortest amount of time possible. “I will get back to them later” is not a phrase used at The Roller Company.

For Emergency roller repair services we offer contact times in as little as one hour. Rush roller orders can usually be filled in just a few days. Our normal production time for standard roller fabrication is most times completed within 10 days.

Whether its a normal or rush order, at The Roller Company we pride ourselves on the short lead times and fast production of our high quality, precision machined rollers.

With our team of educated, experienced and innovative technicians combined with our in-house Machine Shop, we can create or repair cores, weld and turn journals or custom design and CNC complete rollers to your exacting specifications. Our Machine Shop also allows us to prototype, design and manufacture custom rollers, completely remanufacture old rollers, and reverse engineer or custom design, specialty parts for easy and simple repairs.

Recovering and regrinding rubber rollers, to custom Urethane products, we are an efficient production facility providing the capabilities of a large company with the agility of a small one and ready to serve your roller production needs. We service a variety of industries and all rollers that we manufacture or repair can be made press-ready.

The Roller Company also provides personal local delivery and nationwide shipping to ensure your needs for high quality, precision machined rollers are met in a timely manner!

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