Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Highest Quality, Precision Machined Rollers

Custom Industrial Rollers

At The Roller Company we manufacture a wide range of industrial rollers for many different applications in a number of industries. With roots in manufacturing and repairing rollers for the commercial printing industry, we have expanded our production capabilities over the years as our customers needs have grown and we have been tasked to produce a larger and larger range of high quality precision machined rollers to fit those needs.

From the materials used for roller core fabrication to the many types of coatings and coverings used to meet exact specifications, we can create most any custom industrial roller to fit your application.

Precision Machined, Custom and Specialty Rollers for a variety of industries and applications designed, manufactured and fabricated by The Roller Company in Savage, MN.

The fact that your specific custom roller may not be listed among the many types we currently manufacture means only that we are provided the opportunity to add to our ever growing list of capabilities.

  • Applicator Rollers
  • Blanket Rollers
  • Bridal Rollers
  • Chemical Rollers
  • Chrome Rollers
  • Coater Rollers
  • Coating Rollers
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Drive Rollers
  • Ductor Rollers
  • Farming Rollers
  • Feed Rollers
  • Folding Rollers
  • Ghosting Rollers
  • Glue Rollers
  • Guide Rollers
  • Idler Rollers
  • Impression Rollers
  • Inking Rollers
  • Laminator Rollers
  • Lay-On Rollers
  • Metering Rollers
  • Nip Rollers
  • Oscillating Rollers
  • Paint Rollers
  • Pin Rollers
  • Planer Rollers
  • Shear Rollers
  • Splicer Rollers
  • Spreader Rollers
  • Squeegee Rollers
  • Stripping Rollers
  • Tail Rollers
  • Tape Rollers
  • Taping Rollers
  • Tension Rollers
  • Tracking Rollers
  • Transfer Rollers
  • Water Form Rollers
  • Water Pan Rollers
  • Water Slip Rollers
  • Web Tension Rollers
  • Wood Grain Rollers

Over the years we have worked closely with many customers to create custom rollers for a variety of applications. From design & engineering to prototyping to production, we can help make your custom rollers a reality. We also have the capability to create custom urethane rollers and parts with our in-house urethane department.

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